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Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

Placebo Effect

Here’s how to install Android on your iPhone 2G

Last week, planetbeing claimed he’d ported Android to the iPhone. This week, Android A Lot says you can, too. If you’ve got an original iPhone 2G handy, there’s now a 68-step guide that can walk you through the entire process. In a nutshell, you’ll use iPhone Explorer to copy over the Android files, then turn your Mac or PC into an Ubuntu virtual machine to install the OpeniBoot software. When you’re done, you’ll probably have a dual-booting iPhone that can swap between iPhone OS and an experimental version of Android 1.6 at startup, but don’t quote us on that — we haven’t had a chance to test the unholy matrimony for ourselves. We’re going to try to give this a shot next week, and we’ll report back from the other side… if there is another side. Blurry video walkthrough after the break, useful step-by-step text at our source link.

Guide to Installing Android on iPhone 2G from AndroidALot on Vimeo.

Source Android A Lot

Pretty cool card trick

PSP Go disassembled in awesome stop motion video

Oh sure, we’ve seen Sony’s UMD-hatin’ PSP Go splayed before, but never like this. Call us crazy, but we’re calling stop motion video the future of unboxings and tear downs. Seriously — this is one wild two minute ride that you simply have to take. Read more

Steve Ballmer’s shocking autograph of MacBook Pro caught on video

It’s likely that if you were told to describe what you think would happen if someone asked Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to autograph a MacBook Pro, it would go something like this:

Steve would fly into a blind fury, grabbing the laptop and smashing it against a far wall with the force of ten men, laughing as the computer shattered and sparked out of existence. He would then leap towards the young man who’d made the request and pin him to the floor, pulling out a Bowie knife while whispering that he would like to “Gut [him] like the pathetic animal he is.” Next Ballmer would dash out of the room only to return with a canister of gasoline, some hairspray, and one of those long lighters, all while shouting that he would “Show the world what [he’s] really made of.” Ballmer would escape from this scene of utter destruction in a helicopter, but not before circling the college campus (or wherever this took place) and dumping toxic waste on hundreds of students.

But, no. He pretty much just signs the laptop. Hit Read more to watch the video. Read more

VIDEO: Audi R8 is the chosen chariot for snowy excursions

New York Times and Automobile contributor Ezra Dyer may have found the perfect German exotic for New England winters: the Audi R8. True, the R8 is pretty low to the ground, but it also makes good use of Audi’s superb Quattro all-wheel drive system and thanks to its mid-engine layout much of the weight sits over the rear wheels. But even the best AWD is useless when providing spin for four summer tires, so the snow white model Dyer was piloting around the northeast winter wonderland also had four of the widest winter tires you can find. Read more