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BREAKING: Mini Countryman official photos leaked [w/video]

Here is your new Mini Countryman, the latest model from the ever expanding Mini range. As you can see, the Countryman (also sometimes called the Mini Crossover) is a bit bigger than other Minis, and sports four doors – five if you count the hatch. You’ll also note the “All4” badge on the back, indicating that the Countryman is AWD, a first for the brand.

You also might be noticing that the Countryman has different headlights (which we find quite attractive), as well as a new grille treatment. There’s definitely a bit of baby Porsche Cayenne going on up front and in the stance, though it’s clearly still a Mini. We will say, however, we’re surprised at how dissimilar the production version looks from the concept we saw a year or so back. Here, too.

We know that because of 2009 and all the economic misery it entailed, Mini decided to delay the launch of the Countryman, at least here in the U.S. Meaning that you’re going to have to either wait until October, or move to Europe to get your hands on one. Expect more details to follow soon. Odd teaser video after the jump. Read more

Ferrari prices the 458 Italia for the UK from £169,545

When you’re driving a Ferrari, you’d better keep your eyes open. When you’re buying one, you might want to avert your eyes lest they start watering. Because you know it’s going to be a big bill. Just how big is a matter of details, and new reports from the glossies in the UK give us exactly that. Read more

Pay It (Fast) Forward: Man reportedly gives away his Audi R8 V10 to pair of valets

It isn’t everyday that you see a beautiful black Audi R8 V10 on the road. But it happens. What never happens is a guy driving up to you in an Audi R8 V10 and walking up to you and handing you the keys. For keeps. That was probably true before a couple weeks ago, but we can’t say that is the case anymore. According to New Zealand’s Independent Online, an unknown businessman has literally given the keys to his R8 to a pair of men he had never met before because he had a dream telling him to take the vehicle to Table Mountain in South Africa. Read more

VIDEO: Audi R8 is the chosen chariot for snowy excursions

New York Times and Automobile contributor Ezra Dyer may have found the perfect German exotic for New England winters: the Audi R8. True, the R8 is pretty low to the ground, but it also makes good use of Audi’s superb Quattro all-wheel drive system and thanks to its mid-engine layout much of the weight sits over the rear wheels. But even the best AWD is useless when providing spin for four summer tires, so the snow white model Dyer was piloting around the northeast winter wonderland also had four of the widest winter tires you can find. Read more