People always ask me what hosting provider I use and in the past I had been jumping from provider to provider. Now on the other hand I have been with the same company for over 2 years and I can’t be happier with them so I decided to go ahead and make a post about them!

They are called eleven2 and I can’t speak quite highly enough of them, their overall tech support is amazing. Their servers are always fast, I’ve never had downtime in the 2+ years I’ve been with them now. Basically, the list just goes on and on so go ahead and sign up for yourself and see! They have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with their services. Anyway if you want to try them out go ahead and click the image below to sign up.

*For full disclosure if you use the referral link that the image links you to I get some money from them. That is not the reason why I am making this post though.

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Get 1GB Free DropBox Space With DropBox Quest 2011 – WalkThrough

If you don’t have DropBox already (or you don’t know what it is), you should get it. Basically, it allows you to store, share, and sync you files in the cloud and on your other computers.

But for now, I am going to walk you through how you can get 1GB of free extra space on your DropBox account through DropBox’s DropQuest 2011.

Note: If you don’t already have a DropBox account, you can get one by clicking here which will also give you an extra 250mb of space!

The DropBox DropQuest 2011 Walkthrough

Basically, all you have to do, is to visit the Page Link of all the steps.

Step 1:

What to do: To get started, visit  and log in to your Drop Box Account

Page Link:

Action: Click on “Let’s Get Started”

Step 2:

What to do: Answer the question 5305404/18681 = ?

Page Link:

Solution: 284

Action: 284 is a topic ID of a Forum Topic. Visit Look at post 3 and download It presents you with co-ordinates 38.889, -94.703 – that you search for in Google Maps. Find their mascot which is Huskies which you use the password to open the file  which provides you the link to the next step


Step 3:

What to do: Solve the picture puzzle:


Page Link:

Action: It will send you to

Step 4:

What to do: Answer question

Page Link:

Solution: 33739

Action: Enter 33739 into text box

Step 5:

What to do: Look at a this picture

Page Link:

Action: Visit

Step 6:

What to do: Solve Sudoku Puzzle

Page Link:



Action: Enter the solution

Step 7:

What to do: Go to the Dropbox Homepage

Page Link:

Action: Visit and click on link at top of page which takes you to

Step 8:

What to do: Research

Page Link:

Solution: Book can be found at which refers to Click on Katana-ya at at item 5 and download Step16 from

Action: Visit

Step 9:

What to do: Enter HEX value of picture

Page Link:

Solution: BAFF1E

Action: Enter BAFF1E

Step 10:

What to do: Solve word puzzle

Page Link:

Solution: Drew Houston

Action: Enter Drew Houston

Step 11:

What to do: It says “Help 206”

Page Link:

Solution: Visit

Action: Download step 21 and upload it into a Dropbox folder and share it with [email protected]. Now look into that folder, and you will see Hint22.txt appear which links to Visit and click on Rian Hunter’s name

Step 12:

What to do: Visit URL

Page Link:

Solution: Rainbow Shell

Action: Download and visit

Step 13:

What to do: Enter midi keys

Page Link:

Solution: badcabbage

Step 14:

What to do: Make paper crane

Page Link:

Solution: 11696 x 96911 = 1133471056

Action: Enter 1133471056

Step 15:

What to do: Enter last URL letter in each dropquest URL

Page Link:

Solution: Dr0pbox heaRts U

Step 16:

What to do: Finished

Page Link:

Action: Check out your hall of fame


And that’s it. You will now have an extra 1GB of space in your account.


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Google Voice now lets you port your own phone number

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t been waiting on this feature since the service’s debut. As one reader just notified us now lets you port your own phone number into its system — as in, that 10-digit hometown relic you’ve been holding onto as long as you’ve carried a handset can now live in the cloud and grant you freedom to start afresh / forward to your many on-hand devices. Check under phone setting to see if “change / port” is now an option. The cost of porting is $20 and, as you may guess, it’ll terminate your current service plan and probably prompt the carrier in question to charge applicable early termination fees, but that’s pittance for saving your old line for the indefinite future. You know, just in case your seventh grade crush gets the nerve to call and say, “sorry.” Of course he / she will, just give it time.

sourceGoogle Voice


$10 for $20 amazon gift card, you know you want it. $10 for $20 amazon gift card, you know you want it.

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Gmail Now Lets You Drag and Drop Images Into Emails

Here’s a nice little improvement to Gmail, announced today on the official blog: to add an image into an email, simply drag and drop it there from your computer. You can then resize it and send it immediately.

This feature comes on the heels of a similar feature that let you drag and drop attachments into emails. The difference, however, is in the way images are displayed in the message; with this new feature, image is actually shown inline in the message (as opposed to being merely attached to it).

The feature currently works only in Google Chrome, but Google promises it will soon come to other browsers.

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Joining in the Facebook backlash? You should meet these guys.

I just donated $25 to them and deleted my facebook account. They are taking the web in a direction that it needs to go in.

Check out their website as well Diaspora

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Here’s how to install Android on your iPhone 2G

Last week, planetbeing claimed he’d ported Android to the iPhone. This week, Android A Lot says you can, too. If you’ve got an original iPhone 2G handy, there’s now a 68-step guide that can walk you through the entire process. In a nutshell, you’ll use iPhone Explorer to copy over the Android files, then turn your Mac or PC into an Ubuntu virtual machine to install the OpeniBoot software. When you’re done, you’ll probably have a dual-booting iPhone that can swap between iPhone OS and an experimental version of Android 1.6 at startup, but don’t quote us on that — we haven’t had a chance to test the unholy matrimony for ourselves. We’re going to try to give this a shot next week, and we’ll report back from the other side… if there is another side. Blurry video walkthrough after the break, useful step-by-step text at our source link.

Guide to Installing Android on iPhone 2G from AndroidALot on Vimeo.

Source Android A Lot

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Green robot in an Armani suit: Ulysse Nardin Chairman upgraded with Android

Alright, hot shot, so you’ve been pining after that impossibly expensive Ulysse Nardin Chairman — you know, the world’s first “hybrid” phone — for nearly a year now, and the millions of dollars in those off-shore accounts of yours aren’t exactly spending themselves. What’s next? Well, fortunately, Ulysse Nardin and its hardware partner SCI Innovations have been locked away in the laboratory upgrading the Chairman with a fairly impressive new set of specs that includes a larger 3.2-inch touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera (up from 5), 32GB of memory on board, “proprietary rotor improvements” for better battery life (that’s something you don’t hear too often when discussing a phone), and an Android core.

As with the first version, the new model will be limited to just 1846 copies — assuming there are that many people on the face of the Earth wealthy enough to afford it — and will be available in your choice of steel, “Stealth” (which is apparently colored or blacked out, up to you), or a selection of precious metals. Of course, no luxury phone would be complete without an equally excessive charging solution, and the new Chairman delivers with a lacquered wood dock that tops off the battery while simultaneously backing up the phone’s contents to an external USB drive and offering luscious, soothing sounds through a pair of Bluetooth-connected speakers. Then again, if you’re ever in a position where you need that backup — if you lost your beloved Chairman, that is — we’d say you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than a little bit of data.

Source: Ulysse Nardin

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Official: Apple now offering iPhones contract free (updated: not unlocked)

We heard from 9 to 5 Mac that Apple was due to begin selling a contract-free variant of the iPhone in the near future “at list price.” And guess what happened when we inquired to an Apple store? That’s right folks — you can now pick one up for $499 (3G), $599, or $699 (3GS). We’ve confirmed this info at no less than five stores, so you should be hearing the same message at your local Appletorium. Given the current unfriendly climate between Apple and Google, this could be seen as nasty jab, though the devices are still carrier-locked to AT&T, so you’re not being given much freedom… and it’s certainly not much of a statement. In many parts of Europe (France and Poland, for example) you can pick up the carrier-unattached device (and we mean totally unlocked), but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

These devices are still locked to AT&T — so you’re just looking at an off contract pricing scheme. Which is also totally lame.

Source:9 to 5 Mac