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Merry Christmas!

This is what the UPS guy had to drop off today lol. That’s not including the packages we got last week.

Christmas Presents

Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

Dollar Shave Club

Please click on the image to sign up with them I get a referral that way šŸ™‚

DJ Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P Remix)

Dj Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P Remix) by Flux Pavilion


It’s more than a feeling,
We’re building a dream that we’ve always had clear in our sights.
Watch it ignite as we open our eye,
It’s the one way we know to survive.
We’re powerfully changing the world,
We’re reclaiming our unity,
They can’t divide.
They push us around,
But we’re tearing it down,
And we’re having the time of our life.

I am all for CAPTCHAs but SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Look I am as anti spam as they get but this is getting a little on theĀ ridiculousĀ side. I just wanted to see if I had an account there so it was my SECOND password attempt and it asked me for this insane CAPTCHA.