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Merry Christmas!

This is what the UPS guy had to drop off today lol. That’s not including the packages we got last week.

Christmas Presents

Educational video

Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

Deal internet

Dollar Shave Club

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DJ Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P Remix)

Dj Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion and Doctor P Remix) by Flux Pavilion


It’s more than a feeling,
We’re building a dream that we’ve always had clear in our sights.
Watch it ignite as we open our eye,
It’s the one way we know to survive.
We’re powerfully changing the world,
We’re reclaiming our unity,
They can’t divide.
They push us around,
But we’re tearing it down,
And we’re having the time of our life.


I am all for CAPTCHAs but SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Look I am as anti spam as they get but this is getting a little on the ridiculous side. I just wanted to see if I had an account there so it was my SECOND password attempt and it asked me for this insane CAPTCHA.


Made me laugh

Computer internet

Fight against SOPA and PIPA got 13 million people to stand up

Round of applause to the 13 million people who stood up -#SOPA #PIPA are tabled 4 now #13millioncheers

Computer internet Security

Megaupload is back without a Domain Name

Megaupload, the file sharing website that was shut down Thursday, is back up Friday — without a domain name.

This new site appears to be based in the Netherlands. You can access the site by clicking here:

After seven people were associated with the file-sharing company were indicted, hacker group Anonymous targeted websites for the Department of Justice, the MPAA, RIAA and UniversalMusic.

The federal shutdown of Megaupload came one day after sites like Wikipedia and Craigslist went dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA — legislative proposals that would make it easier for the government to crack down on piracy, or anything that might be deemed piracy.

Megaupload was hosted on leased servers in Virgina, giving federal agents the opportunity to intervene. The indictment was issued Jan. 5.

The Hong Kong-based Megaupload and the site’s other company Vestor Limited, plus seven individuals who worked for the site, are accused of laundering money and profiting from copyright infringement.

Before Megaupload was taken down Thursday, a post stated that allegations that the site massively infringed upon copyright laws was “grotesquely overblown.”

Last year, 37-year-old founder Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz reportedly earned $42 million from his site that shares pirated movies, music and other copyrighted content. The indictment states its facilitating of illegal downloads cost copyright holders $500 million dollars in lost revenue.

Schmitz, a resident of New Zealand and Hong Kong and three others involved with Megaupload were arrested on Thursday. Of the three others arrested, two are German citizens and one is a Dutch citizen. The three other suspects involved are from Germany, Slovakia and Estonia, respectively, and remain at-large.

Yesterday, the four who were arrested appeared in an Auckland, New Zealand, court to begin their trial that could take up to one year and result in up to 20 years in prison.